Name: Hans Joachim Roedelius
Occupation: Pianist, composer, sound artist
Nationality: German
Recent Release: Hans Joachim Roedelius is one of the artists contributing to ON IN OUT, a 22 track compilation spread out across 4 vinyl LPs or 2 CDs respectively. Compiled by Miho Mepo and released as the debut publication of her new label Advanced Public Listening, the mission statement for the contributions was “no rules, no ego, no pride but pure essence of real music”. Other contributors include Ricardo Villalobos, Julie Marghilano, Move D, Thomas Fehlmann, Daedelus, Atom™, and Matthew Herbert. 

Buy the LP set via Rush Hour. For Japanese territory and CD version click here.

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Advanced Public Listening Records · 11. Hans Joachim Roedelius - Immer

I’m very good friends with Miho Mepo, I’m always trying to bring her hope, strength, and health since I knew she had to suffer cancer and a heart-attack.

I’m not a musician / composer in the way you'd conventionally use those words. I’m a physical therapist, and masseur and therefore I deeply care as much as possible if somebody needs help to get out of trouble – be they troubles of the mind or of the body. I was never after success, as expressed in rankings. I am always working from the heart and belly, doing what I love most.

My contribution for ON IN OUT is called "Immer", which translates as "Always". The piece just happened like all of my art, coming out of a very specific moment. I’m just doing what’s necessary in that precise moment. This makes it authentic and because it's authentic, it has the strength to find its way into the hearts and minds of listeners.


My Lord allows me to do what I think is resonable in and for MY life: I’M JUST DOING WHAT I Like! Perhaps this qualifies as a personal rule.

Likeminded people / friends don’t have to find out if they can work together. They just do IT. It’s the easiest and most authentic way in the world. I never would work with people that I'm not deeply befriended with. To me, this IS ABSOLUTELY FREEDOM.
Even if, in projects like Cluster or Aquarello, I've played with the same musicians for a longer time and certain patterns form in our interaction, these patterns still allow for the results to remain fresh and healthy.

With someone like Brian Eno, as the "strategic personality“ he seems to be, he still was always able to manage being involved as a participant in many different projects. I consider him very flexible, very kind and mainly a very good friend whose deeds also meant that we could survive in periods of obstacles and hindrances.


Ego is so important. It's an energy to help us get rid of IT after becoming aware of the fact that we have to learn in which way it may distorte real understanding when we think WE ARE THE ONES´THAT ARE DOING IT!  

There is our Lord who explains and gives the directions what and how to do. If we don’t listen to HIM, we’re lost forever.

All ends up with self-awarenes when we become aware that we are god's creatures and not selfmade egomaniacs.

What, is the “pure essence of real music”? Love.