Fifteen Questions is the world's first music magazine about music itself. By talking to some of the leading artists of our time about their perspectives, processes and approaches, we aim at building an extensive archive documenting one of music's most turbulent and exciting eras.

All of the interviews on Fifteen Questions are in the familiar questionnaire-format. And yet, over the course of ten years, they have significantly evolved and still continue to change. We're not interested in the private lives of artists or their latest releases. Instead, we involve production experts, performers, journalists, scientists and composers to discuss what music means, how it's made, where its limits lie, and why it affects us all so differently and yet remains universal.

Fifteen Questions will also publish in-depth ebooks exploring the world of music, discussing issues and questions through round table discussions, essays, articles and specials. Its first publication, a book on the sounds and music of animals, will be released on London-based imprint Strange Attractor in May.

Fifteen Questions has been featured as part of leading experimental music publication The Wire's Unofficial Channels column.

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The Team

Tobias Fischer / Publisher / Concept & Curation

Tobias is founder and former editor-in-chief of leading new music site tokafi.com and a cultural editor for Germany's biggest Printmag on Recording, „Beat“.  He regularly writes for arts magazine “White Fungus” and has contributed liner notes to a wide range of releases, from contemporary composer Steve Reich to ambient master vidnaObmana. He is also a contributor to one of Germany's leading food websites "Gekonnt Gekocht"
Tobias originally developed the 15 Questions interview for tokafi.com, featuring close to 400 artists as part of the series between 2005 and 2012 and continually adjusting the questionnaire. For 15questions.net, he has now expanded the concept to include journalists, PR managers and sound engineers. Tobias currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

You can get in touch with Tobias via email at tobiasat15questionsdotnet

Lara Cory / Editor-in-chief

Lara is a freelance cultural writer specialising in music, food and the arts and is fascinated by the way that the three greatest pleasures in life intersect in unexpected ways. In the past Lara has written essays, interviews and reviews about fine arts for Escape into Life and Aesthetica Magazine and currently writes reviews for The Wire and Foodepedia, and blogs about food at Feedingtimeblog.com.
Author of Musicwithoutwords.com, and a classically trained musician, Lara explores her love of film music and various instrumental genres including ambient, classical and jazz. More recently Lara began exploring visual storytelling and is currently writing a number of plays and screenplays. Lara currently lives in Berkshire, UK. 

You can get in touch with Lara via email at laraat15questionsdotnet and twitter: @LaraCCory