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Can you talk about a breakthrough work, event or performance in your career? Why does it feel special to you? When, why and how did you start working on it, what were some of the motivations and ideas behind it?

In terms of works, it's my first electronic music work "Boma". It's on the Bandcamp label Unfinished House (UH). It was a song about my grandmother. If I were to describe my grandmother, for example, by singing lyrics about her, I'm sure there would be too little information.

It took 15 years from conception and about 6 hours of production time to finish. I don't know if I'll ever want to spend as much time creating something that I feel so deeply about as that piece. I don't know.

There are many descriptions of the ideal state of mind for being creative. What is it like for you? What supports this ideal state of mind and what are distractions? Are there strategies to enter into this state more easily?

I know it's hard to put into words. But perhaps there is a trick. First and foremost, stay healthy, stay clean. Spend all night in silence. Is it always the malicious voices of others that distract me? It's better not to think about people. Above all, I think it's good to look at the trees.

Music and sounds can heal, but they can also hurt. Do you personally have experiences with either or both of these? Where do you personally see the biggest need and potential for music as a tool for healing?

I have no such experience. I take every sound as a positive. Even in my work. I don't mean to hurt anyone by my actions. But some people do, depending on how they perceive it. But there are people who are healed by violence in music. All music is listened to the way it wants to be listened to. The music itself is as unidentifiable as the source of the rainbow. Is that too romantic?

There is a fine line between cultural exchange and appropriation. What are your thoughts on the limits of copying, using cultural signs and symbols and the cultural/social/gender specificity of art?

As long as I am in human form, I am more than a race, gender, or any other mundane matter. As long as there are people other than me, each of us should have our own country. I don't know anything about the Japanese people, and I still haven't been able to identify their culture. Although everything may have existed flatly in the Edo period.

Our sense of hearing shares intriguing connections to other senses. From your experience, what are some of the most inspiring overlaps between different senses - and what do they tell us about the way our senses work?

At its best, hearing is like watching sound. (Not the audio waveform). You'll see sounds lined up like letters and sentences. However, you need to be healthy. When I was a child, I heard a voice I had never heard before. It was close to the voice of an angel, if there is such a thing.

I draw, I photograph, I write. Music and other things may be a translation of things that already exist.
And they can never be fully recovered.

Art can be a purpose in its own right, but it can also directly feed back into everyday life, take on a social and political role and lead to more engagement. Can you describe your approach to art and being an artist?

At least I've never called myself an artist. I think that's a bit of an exaggeration since I just do everything I want to do for a living. In terms of social involvement, being a recording and mastering engineer has been helpful. (I've gotten a lot of people involved in that.)

Still, I can't pay the many taxes and insurance premiums in this country. There are many people I'd like to work with, but I know it's better not to interfere with the important things. That's why I've always chosen my own personal musical style. I can be whatever I want to be. I feel like the non-worker always knows more, but maybe I'm a vagabond too. My roots are not in this land.

What can music express about life and death which words alone may not?

I think I can answer that it is possible, since the easiest way to go beyond reality is to compose or generate sound. It's more difficult to write lyrics. I don't even know if death has really been proven.
I think it's better to live anyway.

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